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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Welcome to the Rock and Roll Cafe'


Song of the day: Tom Petty's "Saving Grace"

Why: Great rhythm, and lyrical discourse that weaves into the fabric of these sun-baked days; a commentary on the antipathy that is gripping the land.

"the sleeping cities...
It's hard to say, who you are these days
you keep running for another place, to find that saving grace."

All quiet in the heartland, though
hot winds rage across the plains
This heat wave could be an aftershock of those
Civilian casualties in Qana.
We're just observing it now,
from the sanctuary of our homes.
No protests, no voices raised, no marches
no parades, no congregations, no visualizations.

Book of the day: Cool Mind Warm Heart
Author: Steve Roberts
Publisher: St. Lynn's Press

Why: Enlightening. Addresses the socio-political climate in a humanistic but unembittered tone, encapsulating divinity
in the context of daily life, by recognizing that the only thing that separates us from the divinity of a Jesus or a Buddha, is the perception of separateness. With fierce devotion to compassion, Roberts, stirs us into looking within, through a sequence of essays, cleverly titled, for example, "Why I love Alzheimers" or "What if Jesus had been Molested by a Priest" or "The Elusive Meaning of "Support Our Troops"" or "Being Mothered by Stones."

Perhaps as the Police said in "Spirits in the Material World"

"There is no political solution, to our troubled evolution"

Perhaps the revolution of the sixties produced a counter-revolution, the neo-conversative take-over we are experiencing now. A principle of polarity is in place, and the more we oppose something, the more we create it. We're going quantum from here on out. No protest, just pro-whatever. We're moving into the feeling space of that which we want to create. We're observing what we've created, gestating, learning, observing, like stones weathering the day. Choosing non-action.
Transcending the carnage and the apocalytic fervor.
We're no longer looking, just running for that other place, to find that saving grace.
But we're not done. The paradigm shift is on. The quantum revolution commences.
We're harnessing the energy in the vacuum of an atom, with soft thoughts of peaceful nights in Tel Aviv and Beirut, where the children of Arabs and Jews, sleep soundly tonight.